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water water everwhere, but not a drop to drink

March 24, 2009

Here’s a great diagram showing how much water we use and how we can cut down. Courtesy of those good folks at Good Magazine.



Trash to cash…turning discarded plastic bags into new bags in Ghana

March 4, 2009

People get money for collecting bags that litter the streets in Accra in Ghana, which are then sewn into handbags by Trashy Bags and sold. Everyone’s a winner baby.



more portraits of american mass consumption

February 27, 2009

Cell phone chargers, Atlanta 2004 (44×66″)


portraits of mass consumption

February 26, 2009

Cell Phones #2, Atlanta 2005 (40×90″)


Photograph by Chris Jordan

Daryl Hannah is selling hemp guitars

February 11, 2009


No, seriously.

I just can’t work out why…

This is the description from her website

“The worlds only hemp guitar that’s right no trees! this georgous electric guitar hand fabricated from hemp hemp is one of the worlds most sustainable plants!!! host free (no pesticides)+ needs very little water + on + on (check out dhlovelife hemp vlog #8) the organically shaped semi-acoustic electric guitar body is made of hemp pulp + is not carved or milled like traditional guitars mmm, sweet sounding + looking… “we are the music makers + we are the dreamers of the dream” (w.wonka) price: 3525.00$”