How to dance your pants off and generate electricity at the same time

February 21, 2009

Check out this sustainable dance floor


You can rent it from


These posts are very cool. A mother’s perspective on the future of the planet for her grandchildren who don’t exist yet

February 16, 2009


A solar powered sell phone made from recycled plastic

February 13, 2009

with a built-in pedometer that tells you how much CO2 emissions you’ve saved by walking.


It’s Samsung’s Blue Earth and is due out in the second half of 2009

Daryl Hannah is selling hemp guitars

February 11, 2009


No, seriously.

I just can’t work out why…

This is the description from her website

“The worlds only hemp guitar that’s right no trees! this georgous electric guitar hand fabricated from hemp hemp is one of the worlds most sustainable plants!!! host free (no pesticides)+ needs very little water + on + on (check out dhlovelife hemp vlog #8) the organically shaped semi-acoustic electric guitar body is made of hemp pulp + is not carved or milled like traditional guitars mmm, sweet sounding + looking… “we are the music makers + we are the dreamers of the dream” (w.wonka) price: 3525.00$”

useless table

February 4, 2009

A table made from used magazines


Drink it then build with it…

January 31, 2009

This wall of beer bottle bricks was made by Mr. Heineken in 1963.


When waste looks beautiful…

January 29, 2009

Photographs by Edward Burtynsky of tires waiting to be sorted for recycling in Westley, California.


Jar that collects the sun so you can have it at night

January 27, 2009

Called a SunJar, of course…


Compost for dinner

January 27, 2009

Nice tableware made from fallen leaves that naturally biodegrades withing two months (right in the middle of dinner).



Suck it and see…

January 26, 2009

With 6,000 people, mostly kids, dying each day from drinking unsafe drinking water, this filtration straw looks like a godsend.


Check it out at: